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Born Again

June 6, 2010

Today I’m going to get baptized, so it’s very exciting. For some people, baptism is just a formality, and for others a profession of faith, but for me…it’s so much more! To me, baptism is one of the most powerful personal commitments (other than signing in blood!) that a person can make. It’s a resolution to eternally die to oneself, and live for God, through the strength of Jesus Christ.

I have extremely complicated beliefs– far from what might be considered “orthodox” or traditional; some might say that my beliefs are not compatible with Christianity. But that’s perfectly fine with me: I don’t think God cares about earthly matters like “compatibility” or semantics.

For the record: I didn’t become a Christian to be accepted, to avoid Hell, to live forever, or to go to Heaven. These are reasons that most Christians seem to be satisfied with, but I really couldn’t care less about those things (although living forever might be nice!)

The reason why that I’m a Christian– well, I suppose it has nothing to do with Christianity (the religion anyway). I just want to have a relationship with my creator, and show Him how thankful I am for creating me by living my life for Him. I want to walk in His ways, and become perfect, just as He is perfect.

Not only that, but as God’s creation, I have an obligation to live for Him– a duty to manifest His love for us. To be all I can be, and live a life worthy of his righteousness, that I may not be ashamed. In other words, as a child of God, I am a steward of the world, and an example to everyone of what God wants for all of us.

For me, there is no better purpose than the one given to me by God, and although I don’t know how I will get there or everything that I will do in the coming years, I’m very much looking forward to it. In the coming years, I anticipate the miracles that God will perform in my life, and through my life. God will make a masterpiece of my life– I just need to let Him.

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