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Control Freak

June 2, 2010

I’ve often speculated as to what the purpose of control is in this age of Society.

Originally control was instinct– a fundamental necessity for survival in a chaotic world. But in this age of civilization– why can’t we just be happy? Well, the answer to this is simple: Because happiness isn’t good enough!!!
We have to progress, have to evolve– we have to become gods. Yeah sure no one else thinks of it like that– but as I have traversed the psychology of both sides of the coin, I know better. We can bullshit ourselves and everyone else all we want– but no matter how you whitewash it, you know it, deep down. You want to be control– it’s a pride issue…

Because you know deep down…that control is the only way to conquer your world.

To account for everything– know what they’re thinking– know what you need to do to succeed in the world…This isn’t the innocent content world you were so sure was awaiting for you when you were a child. You can’t just go to college, get a decent paying job, find a wife, and settle down with kids like you used to. Because that isn’t good enough. You’re not good enough– not anymore.

With the rise of trance/techno music– we see it all so clearly. We need to control our lives more that ever. Nothing can be taken for granted anymore. We are waking up from this dream that our ancestors had the luxury of living in– a luxury we no longer have. Control is no longer a penchant of the upper-class members of Society– it’s now a requirement– for everyone.

You can always fight the system. But eventually you’ll realize that you can’t stop it– not unless you strive for the same control yourself. The only way to escape the direction the world is going is apathy– naivety– ignorance.

Perhaps then, ignorance is bliss? But it won’t be long before none of us can be ignorant anymore– not even if we wanted to. The whole of the world is Waking Up, and there is nothing that you can do about it.

It saturates our culture, everywhere. The Internet is accelerating the awakening, as the newly-awakened realize that they are not alone, and bloggers and revolutionaries all over the world spread this disease called “individualism” like wildfire.

Here then we have an alternate force– Collectivism– spread by the government and special interest groups…they know that as the individualists gain power in the media, and in the Web, that their power over Society will not hold for long!

Many think that Obama’s “dark” reign is a sign that Socialism is coming– that the end of the world is beginning: A one world government.

But truth be told, it was already here. The symptoms just weren’t appearing yet. With the rise of independent revolutionaries like myself, the whole world has already begun to wake up. The end of the world has already occurred– you were just too naive to see it. So we are initiating a series of wake-up calls so that you can get out of the flames before your world– your reality– is destroyed.

Remember: The symptoms are not the problem. The symptoms are the evidence that someone, somewhere– is fighting back. The symptoms are both the warning, and the proof that you are being protected.

Right now Socialism is winning. But as more and more individualists and revolutionaries join forces in this common fight against the destruction of human rights in the name of “National Security”, we will win out in the end. For although they are great and mighty in power, our numbers and intensity will overwhelm them.

May the pride of the individual prevail!

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