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Changing the Rules

June 2, 2010

To follow up on my last post “Escapism”, what might be the solution to escapism? It’s pretty clear that, for one reason or another, nature itself has decided that it wants us to escape from reality. To paraphrase the Hegelian creed, “The soul must lose itself to find itself”– that is the nature of our existence.

But it became clear to me that escapism, in its raw form, is meaningless. Nothing we do has any meaning– it’s just the means chosen to escape from reality, nothing more.

So it occurred to me that, seeing as how we can’t change the game (it’s literally programmed into our DNA), we should instead change the rules by which this game of life is played.

In other words, instead of escaping from oneself (and by extension, one’s reality), we can overwrite that reality instead. This is covered in more detail in my blog dedicated specifically to solving this dilemma, Ego Engineering— specifically in the “Project Matthias: An Overview” page.

So to reference a popular perseverance quote, “If life gives you lemons [and you don’t like lemons], change  the lemons into whatever the f*ck you feel like”

I’ve had a lot of setbacks in my life, and each time I’ve tended to react the same way: adapt, adjust, and go with the flow. I didn’t care for myself, so I couldn’t get hurt– people would think I was a pushover, but I was the one that was really in control. Because I had nothing to lose, I was invincible– untouchable– but ultimately, a jaded and heartless waste of talent.

To make someone of oneself in this world, it requires something which until fairly recently was foreign to me: Actually caring. While at Job Corps, I learned what it meant to actually care about myself, and a little bit about what it meant to truly care about other people.

I still have much to learn, but today I feel one step closer to actually making something of myself, even if it means I have to “change the rules” to do just that.

In fact, “changing the rules” [of life] is something that I look forward to!

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