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Time is Relative

May 29, 2010

As I struggle to try to find the time to do everything that I need to do (and everything that I want to do), I am ever-aware of the sad fact that there is never enough time! So in my anxiety to do everything in the world at once, comes a simple, yet effective solution:

I just need to change my perception of time!

See, time is relative to begin with– so if I need more time, I just need to change how much time that I have in a day! Forget 24 hours– let’s make it 48! How is this possible, you ask?

One example of how this would work: If I need twice the time, I will perceive 12 hours as being 24. Thus, everything that I need to do (including sleeping and eating) should be accomplished in 12 hours– but in my mind I will have 24.

With so little sleep, I will no doubt “oversleep”, will I not? Well of course I will, but that’s just because I’m not used to living a 24 hour day in 12 hours. That’s what relativity is about! One I get used to it, eventually I’ll get twice as much work done, and that (for me) will be considered “normal”– It’s almost cheating!

This of course can be tweaked as need be, and will represent a huge step in freeing myself from the reality that Society has enslaved us all in. It will be difficult, of course, but I think that my present resolve should suffice.

Of course, since I spent 15 minutes on this post, I just killed half an hour…

So, gotta go! 😉

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