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May 26, 2010

When I first started NspyraishN, the purpose of this blog was, is, and always will be inspiration. In fact, one of the last posts that I wrote on th3g1vr (the precursor to NspyraishN) essentially marked the transition from NspyraishN to th3g1vr. This however is covered in a another post, “Origin of NspyraishN”.

One of the things I realized as I delved into the experimental pursuit of self-knowledge, is that all of my own dreams, desires, and ideals were far too raw and chaotic for the world to understand or appreciate, and far too abstract for me to actualize for my own appreciation. In other words, all of my hopes and dreams are presently “naught but wishful thinking”.

Thus, whereas th3g1vr is focused mainly on the presentation of raw content as if it were refined thought, NspyraishN accepts the knowledge for the mess that it is, and takes upon the more humble role of “think tank” for more refined projects, such as Ego Engineering.

inspiration is defined (according to as: “The act or power of exercising an elevating or stimulating influence upon the intellect or emotions; the result of such influence which quickens or stimulates”

But the more common definition: “the drawing of air into the lungs”

This inspiration I wish to provide (both for myself and others); to breath life into everyone.

And ultimately, I wish to bring into being the holy grail of inspiration: a Perpetual Epiphany.

It will take a long time to achieve this goal and, as I said earlier in the post (might I reiterate!), my knowledge is far to raw to be appreciated.

Creativity (it could be said) is the synthesis between the thesis “Chaos” and the antithesis “Control”. The production of inspiration (which itself is the manifestation of creativity) would therefore be accomplished by taking Chaos, and passing it through a designated filter, resulting in creativity, and by extension, inspiration.

It is then my goal to refine my perception of reality to meet the expectations of both the world and of my own ideals, so that eventually I might be able to present these ideals in such a way that everyone can benefit from.

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