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Between the Lines

May 24, 2010

Since I began seriously writing down my thoughts (and particularly since I started using blogging as the medium by which to convey my thoughts), I have struggled greatly with one big obstacle: Misunderstandings.

Even now, it seems that my writing is misunderstood even by my most loyal of friends and the most initiated of my readers. On such example of this with be addressed in the next post.

I can’t force people tor read between the lines, I can’t make people open their mind, and there is an impenetrable mental block between myself and everyone else– a block that I myself can only begin to understand.

This block, often referred to as  personal “Pride”, and what I came to know as the “Ego”, is an illusion. So as you might have noted (by due to this block, you probably didn’t), there is no way that I can penetrate a block that actually isn’t there in the first place.

This (to take a small detour) is also why I don’t like how much Christians emphasize ‘Satan” so much. As aptly presented in the Bible, Satan only exists if you believe in him, and to the extent that you believe in him. This preoccupation with using Satan to scapegoat “evil” in the world is only making Satan more powerful. Furthermore, you are what you believe in, so the more that you believe in Satan, the greater a foothold he has on your life!

The same principle applies to everything else. But I highly doubt those reading this would understand what I meant by that, so it would be a waste of time and energy to tread that path any longer.

Just take what I say with a grain of salt. I don’t believe what I believe to justify or validate anything– I believe what I believe to be inspired. So if you try to “personalize” or “identify” with anything I say, you will have completely missed the point, which only serves to perpetuate  more misunderstandings!!!

This block, which causes the misunderstandings in the first place, is the same block that starts wars, kills people, ends relationships, causes misery and heartache– it is the source of all suffering.

What Buddha was targeting (and rightfully so!) was to first identify the source of all suffering, and then to cut himself off from it.

The source (which I doubt you’d actually understand either!): The self.

You are the cause of all suffering. If you would just get over yourself already– die to yourself, and “take up your cross”– you would realize that there is no suffering– that there is no self.

There is only the all, and the opportunity to experience it.

Moving on: learn to read between the lines.

I have no need to validate or justify anything  I say,  as any such attempts would not only be in vain, but inevitably miss the point anyway.

But as this blog is first and foremost a journal, I wouldn’t want my writing to cause anymore misunderstandings than it has to. So stop taking it so seriously– it’s just off-the-top-of-my-head “thoughts of the day”….Nothing more.

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