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April 30, 2010

In my post “What is True Love?”, I asked this important question, gave my own answer, and went on to explain how, as exemplified by Plato’s philosophy of love (Amor Platonicus), that by loving for the sake of love, one is able to transcend themselves, becoming one with God, and thus becoming God, by recognizing and appreciating the love is the image of the divine.

But love is only the beginning of the journey to beginning God. It’s one thing to appreciate the image of the divine, but it’s far greater of a feat to take that image and will it into being!

(1) Love –> Image of the Divine –> Potentiality [of God as reflected off yourself].

(2) Spirit –> Becoming the Divine –> Actuality [of God as actualized by yourself].

So then, the first step is to experience God through his love…But after that, it our duty to use that new-found knowledge to become “born again” by actualizing God within us. The Love of God is in all of us (we all have the potential to become God), but that love is meaningless if we do not first appreciate it, and then consummate it (let God become reality through us.)

We are essentially the physical presence of God [His Creation], but only those that accept their purpose (as God’s creation), and allow God to work through us– only these few will become enlightened.

And it is these enlightened few that will guide this world through the days to come.

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