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Twist of Fate

April 9, 2010

I have become quite acquainted with the power of fate, and it’s relationship to freewill. Contrary to what I have communicated to many people, I am a major believer in freewill– my contention from which such skepticism is derived is with the fact that people take freewill for granted.

That is– we all have freewill, but just as with many other “gifts” that are given to us by God, “use it or lose it”.

This is the original theme upon which my up-and-coming novel “Essence of the Soul” was to be built– taking life for granted. That so many people inherently possess freewill, but unknowingly give it away to the Society they live in, being conditioned by the world to feel perfectly comfortable living within its confines.

Society cannot exist statically if there is variance, and at the sociological level, any freewill permits a level of chaos that threatens to destroy the fabric upon which any social institution is built. Thus, to live within Society, we have no choice but to give up freewill.

This is particularly ironic, considering that one of the biggest religious institutions in the world, Christianity, is one of the most active proponents of freewill, especially in regards to our relationship with God; that is, freewill is considered by many to be a moral necessity.

But this actually makes perfect sense, when we consider the roots of Christianity. Originally, it was just a cult– a loosely defined set of tenets– ideas, based upon abstract and common sense philosophies, such as Neoplatonism. They all had freewill, and all had their own ideas about how life should be lived– Christianity was to a great extent founded on what might at least be considered closer to freewill.

It was within this free environment that Gnosticism thrived, and it was when freewill began to lose its relevance (thanks to this control-freaking Society known as Rome) around the 5th Century AD.

Getting to fate: The purpose of fate is not to control the direction of our existence (as many would have you believe)– if you think that anyone, even God, can do that– then I must say that your understanding of the nature of existence is a bit limited.

Rather, the purpose of fate is to remind us of “the point”. We often miss the point, in our busy lives, rationalizations– and in my case, I have missed it in my obsessions, self-corruption, and analysis of reality. This point is quite simple– so simple that I could not figure it out until now– not realizing that I had already found it in the first place.

This point, which we so often miss, is Freewill.

Every once in a while, so that we do not miss the point that is life, our inner-self (aka the voice in the back of your head) reminds us that we have freewill. That we could act as such, and receive the consequences, or choose another path. Or, as it so happens in many cases, to not act at all.

That’s what it’s all about– the point of life– the source of everything that gives life meaning (although it it not the meaning itself, per se). This is the Essence of the Soul…Freewill.

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