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True Reality

February 27, 2010

I once said that reality is what you make it. If that is the case, true reality does not inherently exist. Rather, what is “real” is determined by what you believe in, and what you accept. The only way for anything you believe in to be genuinely true, is to believe in those things, and those people, with all of your heart.

This being the case, there is no valid reason why I should not be happy right now. If I believe myself to be happy, then I am happy; my happiness because real through my belief in it, just as my love become real through love itself.

In regards to Plato’s forms, I think that Plato wanted people to understand (and to recognize for himself) that all Forms– that is, spiritually transcendent concepts, cannot be proven or validated; yet, they still exist, and their existence cannot be erased. This is because as long as at least one person believes in happiness, and believes in love, the existence of these concepts will live on.

This a very profound and essential thing to understand, for until you understand that you are what you believe in, and that everything that exists is only real because you believe in it– until you accept these things, you will never be free. I myself have yet to fully accept these things, and so I am not free.

But I work on it, and believe a little more in myself, and in others, each day.

If I want to be happy, I will be happy, not because I am having a good day, or because things are going as planned, or because people around me are happy. It’s the other way around– these other things are made possible because I already decided that I was happy in the first place, and held to that belief because happiness is important to me.

These things will thus determine what the outcome of your life is:

What you take pride in (your values), which produces faith.

What you believe in [which itself is determined by pride], which produces love.

What (and whom) you trust in to manifest your love, which produces hope.

1 Corinthians 13:13 “And now these three things remain: Faith, Hope, and Love. But the greatest of these is love”

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