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Rotten Apples

February 16, 2010

Originally this post was supposed to be about something entirely different that happened this morning, but as an asshole in the comptuter room has no sense of decency and I cannot for the life of me concentrate on recalling memories, I guess I’ll just concentrate my energies on him.

Some people really have no respect for themselves or others, and resort to playing retarded games and living in this “the world can go fuck themselves” mindset.

These are people that we all wish that we will never meet, but often have no choice but to deal with. They are the people that seem to think the world hates them, but at the same time that everyone owes them the world. The kind of naive self-centered idiots who don’t know what they want, but blame everyone else for their unhappiness.

Every one in a while I am that person– I have days will I really need to escape from reality, and take out my inability to cope with reality out on others. I see what it does to others, and regret that I did it. I regret, and yet eventually, I do it again every day. It is a vicious cycle I wish to break.

It’s then that I realize that when we stereotype people like this, it does not take into account that maybe they are not usually like that– that maybe, just like I’ve experienced, they are just having a rough day that they are either unable or unwilling to cope with.

I’m trying to change my mindset lately, to one that I know there is a future in, and one that will make me happy. This is because I recognize something important:

I am what I believe in

We can believe in whatever we want to, but in the end it doesn’t really matter whether or not what we believed in was true or not. It only matters that we believe in something, and that what we believe in results in a happy, productive, and fulfilling life.

So rather than judging truth by its inherent validity (which can only be judged by our limited perception), we should judge how true, and how real a belief is, by how it inspires and influences us, and what those beliefs produce.

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